Mr T was 47 when he first came for homeopathy in 2008 having been diagnosed with a serious haematological disorder.

He had been a professional athlete and is a strong and fit person. He had put his faith in his consultant and in his body to deal with the disease and he underwent all the recommended conventional treatment.

He says “I had to have the chemotherapy and even though it is a harsh treatment, I embraced it and I believe it got me through and helped me to survive, but I wanted homeopathy to counterbalance the effects of chemo.”

“Homeopathy was the gentler side, it gave a balance. I believe that it helped me to come through the conventional treatment better, maybe even 20% better. I told people that my homeopath was the one person I could talk to about everything.”

Now fit and well and back in full time work, he is having regular checkups at the hospital.

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