Miranda Parsons

I am Miranda Parsons and I work as a homeopath with people of all ages, who come to me with a wide variety of symptoms. I strongly believe in working alongside conventional health professionals, in the best interests of each patient.

I often treat whole families, and as a mother, I’m particularly interested in parenting issues and children’s health. I frequently work with the health and emotional issues of pregnancy, and have studied breastfeeding so that I can support women as they breastfeed their babies. I believe that homeopathy can play a very helpful role in infant health and this is a rewarding aspect of my work.

People who have been diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression come to see me about their symptoms. Working with people experiencing grief and loss is a very important part of my practice. I am practised in counselling techniques, and use motivation and mentoring skills where appropriate.

I’m also commonly consulted about hormonal problems and any allergic and skin conditions, but I see a wide variety of people with many different health problems. The important thing is that all aspects of a person’s symptoms and personality are taken into account; this is the essence of holistic therapy.





I have been in practice since 1993. After obtaining a degree from Oxford in Philosophy and Politics, I worked both in the NHS and in the advertising and creative industries. Following a period of ill health and low spirits, I consulted a homeopath. It had such a profound effect in restoring my health and vitality that I began to study homeopathy myself, eventually embarking on a four year course.

I am a fully insured practitioner, follow a code of ethics and am registered with The Society of Homeopaths.

I also served for three years on the Board of Directors of The Society of Homeopaths, I was Chair for two of those years. I did this as I believe passionately in promoting the practice of homeopathy and supporting the development of the profession.

“Miranda’s common sense attitude and relaxed manner towards life, parenting and relationships is part of the treatment, but I have also seen outstanding benefits from the remedies themselves.”

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